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Got a Vacation Rental? Are you tired of not knowing if the guest checked-out early or not having the unit ready at Check-In Time? Early Guest Check-Out System is an awesome tool that can help your cleaning company or your cleaners get a head start on a busy day. If you were able to start cleanings early, you could possibly completed all your units on time. Here's how it works. Put TAP Fliers on the Refrigerator, on the Beds or the inside of the door. The TAP Flyer will prompt the guest to TAP their smartphones or scan the QR code to a form they will fill out. Once the guest has submitted the time they will be leaving, you will get a text and an email notification. 


TAP Flyer comes with...

  • Premium Flyer
  • 4" Wide & 6" Height
  • Trackable QR Code
  • TAP NFC Sticker

TAP Flyer Design 1

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